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Students ages 8 to 18 and enrolled in classes are eligible to audition for any area's main stage musical for that session. Students who are nearing the age of 19, must be 18 on the day of auditions in order to audition for the production. Also, students who are 7 may audition but must turn 8 during the production in order to audition. If a student is cast in one area's musical show, they are not eligible to audition for another area's musical show for that session. If a student is cut during the casting process, we strongly recommend they audition for one of the other productions. 


Students need to prepare a one-minute vocal audition. After the vocal presentation, students will learn a short dance routine as part of the audition process. Parents and friends are invited to watch auditions. 


Callback announcements are located on your MYCYT account page.  The callback process  is  a closed procedure. Students are to be dropped off and picked up promptly according to their given callback time. We recommend students participating in callbacks bring water bottles, snacks and/or a sack lunch. Note: receiving a callback does not necessarily mean you've been cast and NOT receiving a callback does not necessarily mean you haven't been cast. Cast lists will be posted on the website. 



Please bring the following forms completed and signed by a parent. Arrive no later than 20 minutes before your audition time slot. 


Students auditioning must be ages 8-18. Download forms here .  


1) Audition Form - with Parent Committee selection and parent signature.

2) Medical Release Form - Photo Release -Code of Conduct

3) Costume Information Sheet

4) Rehearsal Conflict Sheet

5) A Current Photo

6) Music - Bring an instrumental-only cued CD recording, iphone or ipad for your one-minute song or sheet music for the pianist. 



It's exciting to be part of a cast! Here are important policies to know before you've been cast in one of our productions!

Cast members are required to be at all rehearsals for which they are scheduled and all shows. This includes missing one or two days of school for performances.

Only conflicts listed on your conflict sheet will be excused at the discretion of the directors.

If an absence is necessary, in case of illness or emergency, it will only be excused if the Production Coordinator is called for permission. More than two absences may result in dismissal from the show.

Cast members may not leave rehearsal early unless cleared with the Production Coordinator.

Cast members will be committed to approximately 50 hours of rehearsal time before move-in and dress rehearsal week.

A $165 Production Package Fee is due at the First Parent Meeting. Sibling Production Packages are $145.

Parents are required to attend two parent meetings and to serve a minimum of 20 - 25 hours on a production committee.



Stage presence, enthusiasm & energy

Vocal and dance auditions

Rehearsal availability

Potential growth


As well as:

Past behavior and attitude.

Past performance in shows, camps and classes.

Past participation by parents.


Keep your song limited to one minute or less.

No a cappella singing; bring an accompaniment track without vocals or, if an accompanist is available, sheet music. 

Choose a show tu ne or a children's song.

Do not sing a song from the show for which you are auditioning; this is considered poor theatre etiquette.

In most cases, an upbeat song is best. Show energy and enthusiasm!

Make sure your song is within your vocal range.

No costumes, props or choreography;  the directors want to see you at your best.

Practice your song in front of people until  you are comfortable enough to perform.

Confidence is key! If you are not a singer, that's okay!

Give the directors a show and win them over.

Directors want actors who will look comfortable on stage.

Be sure to smile and convey big energy to communicate your ability. 


The following is an example of production fees and optional costs if your child is cast in our show.

We hope this helps you enjoy your experience with CYT. 


Expenses:  Due at the first Parent Meeting

Production Package-$165 (includes production fees, the show t-shirt, a DVD* and 4 show tickets)

Sibling Production Package-$145 (includes production fees, the show t-shirt and 4 show tickets)

*DVD's may be full-production or simply clips & highlights depending on which production and the securing of rights for filming. We do our best to secure rights but cannot guarantee every show can be filmed. 

Professional Stage Makeup Kit - $13/$23

Possible costs of costume items not supplied, including: shirts, socks, tights, shoes, etc.

Optional Expenses

  • Congratulatory Ad - $5 (each)
  • Additional Show T-shirts - $13 - $26
  • Cast Party Meal - $6 - $8
  • Rehearsal Meals - $6 - $8
  • Strike Party Meal - $8 - $10
  • Souvenirs - $5  & up
  • Cast Pictures - $10 & up



Part of the great tradition of the theatre is a  code of ethics  that belongs to every worker on or behind the stage. This code has been observed throughout the centuries and will continue long after us. It is neither superstition, nor dogma, not a statute enforced by law. It is an attitude toward craftsmanship, a respect for other actors and a dedication toward the audience.   This code helps build self-discipline which, far from robbing one of individuality, increases personal esteem and dignity through cooperation and common purpose. Therefore, being a part of CYT is a discipline in which only good behavior is accepted and respect for directors, parents, and other students at all times is paramount.


Choosing to Drop a Show:

It is the policy of Christian Youth Theater Kansas City that if an actor auditions for a show and is cast, they must accept the role they are given. If the actor chooses not to participate in the production following the cast list being posted, they may NOT audition for another area's show in the same session. That actor will also NOT be considered for a principle role in the next production they audition.  In addition, this action may be considered in future casting decisions and any written references. Not only is dropping a show unprofessional, it is disrespectful to the directors, cast members, and above all to the craft of theatre itself.


Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you. 4 For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, 5 so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. 6 We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.  Romans 12:3-6








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