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Information for Parents

If you are new to CYT, we are looking forward to getting to know you and your student! We love what we do here at CYT, and we hope it shines through on the smiling faces of our children up on stage! We're glad that you are considering joining us for our next production! Putting on a full-scale, Broadway-style musical production with CYT is a fun and exciting way to watch students be challenged to develop confidence and build character!

There are many opportunities for you as a parent to get involved in CYT. As a parent of a cast member, please plan to work on one of the parent committees responsible for the production. We have many different committees to choose from so identifying a committees that would work best with your interests, talents and time available shouldn't be difficult. After listing your choices on the audition paperwork, your Area Coordinator will place you on a committee for the production.  

CYT is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on fundraising and generous donations of time, service, and talent. There is also always an opportunity to make tax-deductible contributions to help us cover costs for productions, equipment, scholarships, and more!

Thank you for your support of CYT and of your child!

Click Here for a CYT Parent Guide. 

Parent Committee List
To put on a production, we need all parents to help by being involved on a parent committee. Below are descriptions and approximate time commitments to help you decide where your gifts will best be used! Parent committees are formed by the parents of the children in each production. The committees work with the area coordinator and director to develop sets, props, programs, advertising and doing many other things to create an unbelievable end product together!

Below are descriptions and approximate time commitments to help you make your decision about a committee.

Opportunity Baskets Collect fund raising items for Silent Auction.  Plan, collect items, and create Donation Baskets.  Work the Donation Basket and Silent Auction tables during all the public shows.  Assign and instruct cast members for collecting donations during the show intermissions.  Timeframe:  Before the show and during the week of dress rehearsals and shows to implement fund-raisers.

Backstage Assist crew of both students and adults with moving sets on and off stage during dress rehearsals and productions.  Maintain crowd control; able to keep kids quiet and orderly backstage during show.  Look good in basic black, team builder, organized, flexible & cool under pressure.  Timeframe: Dress rehearsal week and all shows including move-in and strike; can divide up time among committee members.

Costumes Assist the head of the committee in designing and fitting costumes for each character in the production.  Enjoy thrift shopping, sewing and/or making alterations.  Timeframe: Before the show gathering and making costumes, during the show any upkeep or replacements.  After the show, collect all costumes and launder washables.  “A well-costumed show is a labor of love and joy to behold.”

Costume Post Show Clean-Up (subcommittee of costumes) Manages costumes from strike through the return of all costumes to the warehouse.

Green Room Create simple activities for actors and maintain a quiet, orderly Green Room.  Make cue sheet, clean-up charts and circulate supervision sheet to make sure each dress rehearsal and show is covered.  Need to be a good disciplinarian.  Timeframe: Dress rehearsal week and all shows; divide up time among committee members.

House Enjoy dealing with people and money.  Sell tickets at the door, set up ushers for all performances, responsible for picking up tickets at CYT office.  Oversee care and upkeep of the seating and lobby areas of the theater.  Timeframe:  A few hours spent pre-show recruiting ushers & equipment preparation and during the show; can split up time among committee members.

Makeup Assist the head of the committee in designing characters’ makeup and applying specialty makeup at shows.  Apply makeup and style hair at poster shoot.  Assist committee head in ordering and distributing makeup kits.  Help instruct cast and parents in applying makeup and styling hair.  Timeframe: Poster shoot, a few rehearsals, all dress rehearsals and shows.

Programs Help solicit advertising, collect program information, and take photographs for program and bio boards and post bios.  Must be computer literate and have access to/knowledge of Microsoft Publisher. Timeframe: Before the show, may need to copy and assemble programs the week of dress rehearsal and must post bios.

Props Collect all props needed from the Production’s proplist.  Enjoy searching thrift stores or being creative at making props with a minimal budget.  Supervise the prop table during dress rehearsals/shows.  Timeframe: Rehearsals the week before move-in with props.  Before show and during dress week and show, checking to make sure all props are accounted for and in order.  After show returning props to CYT storage and borrowed items to owners.  Can divide up time among committee.

Public Relations Help distribute fliers and posters and publicize show to the community (as well as program ad information).  Supervise the publicity table and student tours during the shows.  Will need to work with the CYT KC PR Manager.  Timeframe: Before the show, during shows at PR table, can divide up time and responsibilities among committee.

Refreshments  Must have daytime availability.  Responsible for purchasing refreshments and supplies at wholesale and selling food items at public performances.  Timeframe:  Before show to purchase items, before show and at intermission setting up and cleaning up refreshment area as well as selling refreshments.  Committee will be composed of a smaller group than other committees.  

Sets Build, borrow, buy or rent any sets needed for the production.  Work with director on obtaining a list of scenes to be built.  Unload sets at the theater and set up.  Make any necessary repairs to the set during the run of the show.  Take down the sets following the last performance and take to the CYT storage.  Time frame: Before show opens and after show closes.

Souvenirs Purchase and make unique show-themed items, flowers, and congratulatory items to sell during public shows.  Timeframe: Before and during shows.

Tech Assist and monitor cast with microphone use.  Set up and run sound board and/or lighting per schedule set by committee head.  Works well under pressure and is able to be flexible and take direction.  Time frame:  must be available for show week from move-in through strike, including school day shows.  Theater technical experience is desired but not necessary.  
¨         Each committee must have a Head to oversee the committee and delegate and help execute responsibilities. While the committee head is responsible for organizing and conducting sign-ups, each member is encouraged to read the manual.   The head makes sure all aspects of the job have been assigned and are completed. (Extra hours required.)

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