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If your student is wanting to enroll in one of our studio track classes, they will need to attend this placement class to be placed into the correct class based on age, level, and technique.

Times and details will be released later in the summer.
2017-2018 dance schedule will be released later in the summer.

Any student who has seen shows such as An American in Paris or West Side Story can attest to the strong dance background it takes to perform in musical theatre. It is an exciting world of dance, music and acting. At CYT we do offer a variety of classes that help shape and encourage students to have that competitive edge in their musical theatre training.  In an effort to build two unique paths in our CYTKC Dance Studio, we are bringing two different types of offerings to you this year: A Musical Theatre track and a Dance Studio Placement Track, both with many classes offered throughout the week!

Musical Theatre Track (*MT*):
Students interested in musical theatre dance may participate in either track that will help enhance their technique, performance skills, and musical theatre history. However, classes in the Musical Theatre Track do not require a placement class prior to enrollment and are based on three 9 week sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring). These skills will improve upon dance technique and performance for students participating in a musical theatre show throughout the year.  We try to keep a similar schedule for each Musical Theatre Session, however we do also want to offer a variety of different classes for students each session. 

MUSICAL THEATRE TRACK Dance Classes offered in three 9 week trimester sessions

Dance Studio Placement Track (*ST*):
Enrollment for Spring Studio Track Classes will begin in December
Students interested in the Dance Studio Placement Track may participate in classes indicated with
"Studio Track" on the schedule. These classes will continue to challenge and improve upon student's technique,
dance repitoire, and performance abilities.

STUDIO TRACK Dance Classes offered in two 16 week semester sessions 

Auditioning for CYT Productions:
  During the 2016-2017 Season, CYTKC is offering students of CYTKC Dance Studio an opportunity to qualify for auditions for productions. Students must be enrolled for either a trimester 9 week session of dance or a 16 week semester class in a minimum of one hour of dance studio classes per each production. Enrollment and payment for the dance class must be made before the auditioning date for that trimester or semester.
  • A 9 week trimester of dance class can be in place of a 9 week CYT class for any CYT areas.
  • A 16 week semester of dance class must be paid for on the due dates in order to audition for a production prior to the auditioning date for that production. (In order to use a dance class if you are following the Studio Track for a winter show, you must be enrolled in both a fall and spring semester dance class.
  • Dancers must be enrolled in a class that coincides with the season they are auditioning. For example, a student cannot take multiple classes in the fall and no classes in the spring if they are wanting to audition for a spring production.
  • As always with dance, it is most beneficial and encouraged for the student to be enrolled in the same level of class for the entire year. 


Note:  All classes are 1 hour unless stated otherwise. Each session we try to keep the class schedule similar. However if there are slight changes in the schedule they are due to scheudling conflicts or for creating fuller classes for educational purposes for our students. We do encrouage students to remain in the same level of dance throughout the year to help increase knowledge of dance technique, confidence, stamina, and flexibility. 

CYT offers a summer camp program for ages 4 through 18 in the summer months.
Click on the "Summer Camps" menu above for more information.

Check back here in late July or early August for details on our 2017 - 2018 class and show offerings!


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