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CYTKC Dance Studio Policies


Musical Theatre Dance Classes run on three 9-week
trimesters and require registrationat the beginning of each trimester.

 30 minute weekly Musical Theatre Dance class:  $60  (9 classes)
  60 minute weekly Musical Theatre Dance class:  $180 (9 classes)

Studio Track Dance Classes run on two 16 week semesters
and require registration at the beginning of each session. 

30 minute weekly Studio Track Class:   $125 (16 classes)
60 minute weekly Studio Track Class:   $255 (16 classes)
 90 minute weekly Studio Track Class:     $325  (16 classes)

***There is a payment option for Studio Classes only ofpaying 1/2 price
tuition when enrolling and the 2nd installment halfway through the semester.
If interested in this option please email***

Fall 1/2 payment due upon enrollment and 2nd half by October 17.
4Spring 1/2 payment due upon enrollment and 2nd half by February 27

 During the 2016-2017 Season, CYTKC is offering students of CYTKC Dance Studio an opportunity to qualify for auditions for productions. Students must be enrolled for either a trimester 9 week session of dance or a 16 week semester class in a minimum of one hour of dance studio classes per each production. Enrollment and payment for the dance class must be made before the auditioning date for that trimester or semester.
A 9 week trimester of dance class can be in place of a 9 week CYT class for any CYT areas. A 16 week semester of dance class must be paid for on the due dates in order to audition for a production prior to the auditioning date for that production. (In order to use a dance class if you are following the Studio Track for a winter show, you must be enrolled in both a fall and spring semester dance class.) Dancers must be enrolled in a class that coincides with the season they are auditioning. For example, a student cannot take multiple classes in the fall and no classes in the spring if they are wanting to audition for a spring production. As always with dance, it is most beneficial and encouraged for the student to be enrolled in the same level of class for the entire year. 

MUSICAL THEATRE TRACK Dance Classes offered in three 9 week trimester sessions 
Fall: August 22 – November 3(Qualifies you for a Fall Show)
Winter: November 28 – February 13 (Qualifies you for a Winter Show)
Spring : February 20 – May 4 (Qualifies you for a Spring Show)

STUDIO TRACK Dance Classes offered in two 16 week semester sessions 
Fall : August 22 – December 17 (Qualifies you for a Fall Show)
Spring : January 4 – May 8 (Qualifies you for a Spring Show)
(For a Winter show, you must be enrolled in both Fall and Spring Semesters)

                           CLASS PLACEMENT
CYTKC Dance Studio wants every dance student to excel in dance. Students should be challenged without feeling overwhelmed. Students taking a level they are not ready for can hinder growth in dance, cause injury and diminish motivation and confidence. All Studio Placement Classes level 2 and above will need to be placed in the proper class. Please enroll prior to this date in the class that you would like to be placed based on the class your student would like to take and in the level you think they might be most successful in - this does not guarantee your individual placement. The first two weeks of class are also considered placement classes in all the other classes and changes and movement between classes may be made in the best interest of the individual student.



A Dance Concert will be held at the end of the third trimester in the Spring. All students enrolled in classes are encouraged to participate. Valuable experience is gained in performance opportunities.  

We are very excited to announce that this year’s  Spring Dance Concert   will be held on June 1! 

Please note that the spring dance session is used primarily for performance preparation for our Spring Dance Concert. For those interested in participating in this performance, we encourage you to enroll in our Spring Classes where we will work on both technique while learning dances for the performance. Our Spring Show this June is when we will showcase rehearsed numbers that students will learn in the third spring session during their classes. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of our students and we encourage you to participate in this fun and memorable performance!  
More information about the details for costumes, rehearsals, and specifics for the Spring Concert will come as we get closer to the Spring Session of Dance and closer to the Spring Concert Date. 

A list of items will be handed out to students during the spring session and will be the student's responsibility to obtain by the Costume Parade.  Each student/family will pay a dance concert fee of $50/student.  This fee covers production fees.  The fee is due during the spring session of dance. No refunds will be given.

                                              DANCE CLASS ATTIRE

CYT Dance Studio strives to create a safe and professional environment for dancers to work and learn.

In order to do this, the following guidelines have been established:
  • Students should wear dance clothes during class. It is difficult for instructors to see lines in baggy street clothes.
  • Girls should have hair pulled back away from face and secured.
  • Girls should put hair in a bun for all ballet classes.
  • Various shoes are required for proper instruction in some classes.
  • All dance shoes, bags, and property of the dancer should be labeled with the dancer’s name.
  • No jewelry should be worn during class.
  • No gum, food or drinks are allowed during class time. Water bottles are an exception.

No Crop Tops or Short Spandex Dance Shorts
please remember our modesty policy. 

Students should always wear a cover up when entering and leaving the dance studio
(pants over tights / shirts or jakcets over leotards). 


  • Pre-K Fairy Tale Ballet / KinderCombo – pink or black leotard, pink tights, hair in a bun, pink ballet slippers (Tap Shoes for Kinder Combo - Mary Janes).
  • Ballet I, II, III & IV – black leotard, pink tights, hair in a bun, pink ballet slippers (optional - black ballet skirt-no dance shorts)
  • Pre-Pointe / Pointe - black leotard, pink tights, hair in a bun, pink ballet slippers and/or pointe shoes (optional - black ballet skirt or dance pants)
    • pointe placement required-do not buy pointe shoes until conference with dance teacher
  • Male Ballet  - white t-shirt, black pants, black ballet shoes

  • Jazz - solid color leotard, black or tan tights, black jazz pant may be worn, black jazz shoes -- no jazz sneakers or tight dance shorts.
  • Male Jazz – solid color t-shirt, dance pants/shorts, black jazz shoes
  • Contemporary – solid color leotard, black or tan tights, black dance pant or short may be worn, barefoot or jazz shoe
  • Male Contemporary - solid color t-shirt, dance pants / shorts, barefoot or jazz shoe

  • All levels: Attire is dance capris or jazz pants. No baggy pants, jeans, or shorts please. Dancers should wear black leather, full-sole Jazz Tap Oxfords. Males wear same. (Tap 1 or Tap 2 may wear may janes)
  • All levels: Colored leotard or t-shirt, sweat pants / cropped pants / dance pants / shorts (must hit at or below knee), any color tennis shoe. (NOTE: Shoes need to be worn only for hip hop class and not worn outside of the dance studio.)
CYT Dance Studio wants each dancer to strive for his or her best, trusting the Lord will do good work in their lives.  Please be prompt to class. Arriving 5 to 10 minutes early with all needed items, prepared and ready to dance by your scheduled start time ensures the most amount of instruction.  Please be respectful of classes in progress by remaining in the lobby until the instructor invites you to enter the dance studio.  Full attention is required to progress in any dance class.  Casual talking during class is a distraction to other dancers who are there to learn. For safety and distraction reasons, dancers arriving late may be asked to observe. If needing to leave a class prior to teacher's dismissal, inform the instructor at the beginning of the class.  Restrooms should be used PRIOR to class. CYT Dance Studio is a privilege and only cooperative behavior is allowed.  Respect for the dance teachers, other students and the property of CYT Dance Studio is expected.


Progress as a dancer is dependent upon attending classes consistently. If you know in advance that you are going to miss a class, please inform your instructor as soon as possible.  If you are ill, please call the studio directly prior to the start of your class.  Fees are not prorated or refunded. Please be sure to be prompt to class. If more than 20 minutes late to class, you may be asked to observe class for that time. Making up a class is encouraged and is an indication of a conscientious student. Please work with the instructor or dance director to arrange for a make-up class. Please remember that frequent/unexcused absences can result in possible removal from classes/shows. 

                    PARENT WATCH WEEKS                 
Parents are welcome to observe the dance class their child is enrolled during our Parent Watch Weeks. Due to the distractions that observers can create, these are the only weeks in which visitors will be allowed in the dance studios.  You are welcome to take video and pictures during this time.


If the road conditions are unsafe, the studio will be closed.  The director will watch carefully the cancellation of after school activities for the major school districts and make a timely determination. In some cases, if school has been canceled but road conditions clear later in the day, evening classes may be held. Parents and dancers should check the website or email the CYT Dance Studio for updated information on cancellations.

***If cancelled messages will be sent out on the Call Board, Email, and Updated on the Website. Make Up Classes are available if cancelled.***

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