Session: Summer 2021
Chapter:  Master Class
Location:  CYTKC Studios
Time:  8:45am - 6:00pm
Day:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Starts:  07/05
Ages:  14-19
Tuition:  $10.00


The Heiress
Ages 14-19
Rehearsals: July 5th - 9th from 8:45 am to 6:00 pm at the CYT Studios
Performances: July 10th at 2:00 pm & 7:00 pm at the CYT Studios & Live Streamed
Auditions: Videos due by Noon Thursday, June 3rd
Callbacks: Saturday, June 5th from 9:00am - 12:00 pm at the CYT Studios
Read Through and Costume Parade:
June 12th from 1:30 pm - 6:00 pm at the CYT Studios
One parent (or adult family representative) of each camper is required to volunteer as part of a Production Team.

Register for this camp if you are planning to audition for The Heiress.
You must audition and be cast to attend this camp. After casting, you will be charged the full amount of the camp - $315.

Audition/Callback Information:
Video audition submissions will be accepted by from May 14th through June 3rd at noon.

In order to audition students will need to submit the following:
  1. Each person auditioning will video themselves performing one of the selected monologues from The Heiress available by April 1st.
  2. Instructions for uploading audition videos to YouTube found HERE.
  3. The link to the YouTube video will be shared with CYTKC by emailing the links to
  4. Students auditioning must also submit the audition form for The Heiress by June 3rd at noon “link coming soon”.

Callbacks will occur from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 5th. Those students invited to callbacks will receive a link and more information.

The synopsis of The Heiress:
Based on Henry Jame’s novel, Washington Square, The Heiress has won numerous awards for the stage play’s continued revivals as well as the 1949 Oscar winning film version. 

We meet young Catherine Sloper, an heiress of the 1850s who lives with her father, Dr. Austin Sloper. Catherine is shy, unsophisticated and plain-looking; her father blames her for the death of her mother, who died giving birth to her.

Morris Townsend courts her. Catherine believes him sincere, but her father believes he's after her inheritance. When the three confront each other, they agree that Austin will take his daughter to Europe for six months. He believes that either Morris or his daughter will give up, but they don't think so.

On their return, Dr. Sloper sees that nothing has changed and threatens to disinherit her if she marries Morris. Catherine suggests to Morris that they elope immediately, she cannot stand to be in her father's house another night; but she also mentions the threat of disinheritance. Morris leaves to get his things, but does not return, and Catherine is crushed.

Three days later, Dr. Sloper realizes that he is mortally ill, and tries to reconcile with Catherine before his death. She refuses.

Two years later, Morris returns to a now-rich Catherine, who has received her inheritance from her late mother and now-deceased father. He makes excuses about his jilting her. She seems to be swept away again, and tells him to go fetch his things so they can elope; but when he returns, she has the maid bolt the door against him, and turns out the lights.
The Roles:

Catherine Sloper - verbally and emotionally abused by her father, Catherine is shy and plain-looking. She becomes strong in her own sense of self-assurance.

Dr. Sloper - Catherine’s domineering father, he continually blames her for his wife’s death while giving birth to Catherine. 

Lavinia Penniman- Dr. Sloper’s widowed sister who lives with Catherine and her father.

Morris Townsend - a handsome and manipulative young suitor to Catherine.

Maria - the maid for the Sloper household.

Mrs. Montgomery - Morris Townsend’s sister.

Elizabeth Almond - sister of Dr. Sloper and Catherine’s aunt.

Marian Almond -  Catherine's cousin

Arthur Townsend - Marian's fiancée and Morris's distant cousin

Audition Tips:
CYT does require that the monologues be memorized. 

Be as familiar with the play and the characters as is possible! You can find a copy of the script online. 

Be confident — even if you have never done this before. But also be humble!

Make bold choices — you need to show us your stuff.  Don’t just stand and read. Begin by introducing yourself and your audition pieces. We realize that virtually everyone is doing the same pieces, but it is good practice to do the introduction the right way.

Don’t look at the camera when you are auditioning. It is not your scene partner. Pick a spot just next to the camera on which to focus.

You will be nervous. That is a good thing. The key is to channel your nerves into good positive energy. It is important to remember that directors want you to be great.

Have fun!! Remember that God is always with you!!!
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Jana Latchaw Milbourn

Jana began her training at George Daily Auditorium as a student, and continued on to become part of the artistic/directing team of the children's theatre program. At Northwestern College Jana received a BFA with an emphasis in acting. After graduating, she moved to Kansas City and began directing, teaching classes, workshops, and most recently directed CYT's Urinetown!


Andrew Milbourn

Andrew Milbourn began in the heart of America. That's right, Here in Overland Park, Kansas. Coming from a very artistic family, acting is a true passion of Andrew's. He began his acting career with CYTKC. After graduating from Texas Christian University with a BFA in Acting, he has worked in numerous theaters around the country. He has also studied with the Groundlings Improv Group. In addition to being in love with Jana (his best friend and BRIDE), Andrew is a sports fanatic, total nerd, and lvl 55 air hockey player.


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