Session: Summer 2021
Chapter:  Master Class
Location:  CYTKC Studios
Time:  5:00pm - 9:30pm
Day:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Starts:  06/14
Ages:  11-14
Tuition:  $325.00
Open Spots:  1


Shrek the Musical, Jr.
Ages 11-14
Camp Dates: June 14th -18th and June 21st - 24th from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm at the CYT Studios, June 25th from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm at Mid-America Nazarene University
Performances: June 25th at 7:00 pm and June 26th at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm at Mid-America Nazarene University
Auditions: Videos due by Noon Thursday, May 20th
Callbacks: Saturday, May 22nd from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at the CYT Studios

Read Through & Costume Parade:  Monday, June 7th from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm at the CYT Studios

One parent (or adult family representative) of each camper is required to volunteer as part of a Production Team.

We will hold auditions for those who would like an opportunity for a role, solo, or featured dancer; however, you do NOT need to audition in order to participate in this camp. Students who choose not to audition will be placed in the ensemble. Auditions will occur via video and submissions will be accepted from May 14th through May 20th at noon. Videos should be sent to

Students who choose to audition will need to submit the following:
  1. A video containing a performance of a one-minute cut of an audition song of the student’s choice.
  2.  A performance of one of the selected Shrek JR audition monologues. Audition monologues are found COMING SOON
  3. A video containing a performance of the dance audition. The dance auditions will be learned at home via the videos found COMING SOON.  Students will be asked to study the video for their respective camp and then tape themselves doing the routine. 
  4. Links to each YouTube video will be shared with CYTKC by emailing the links to
  5. Instructions for uploading audition videos to YouTube found HERE.
  6. A completed audition form. The Shrek Musical, JR audition form will be available soon. Callbacks will be held on May 29th  at the CYT Studios (6800 W. 153rd St. Suite A). 

Callbacks will occur from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 22nd. Those students invited to callbacks will receive a link and more information.

The Synopsis of Shrek the Musical, JR
“Once upon a time, in a far away swamp, there lived an ogre named Shrek.  One day, Shrek finds his swamp invaded by banished fairytale misfits who have been cast off by Lord Farquaad, a tiny terror with big ambitions. When Shrek sets off with a wisecracking donkey to confront Farquaad, he's handed a task — if he rescues feisty princess Fiona, his swamp will be righted. Shrek tries to win Fiona’s love and vanquish Lord Farquaad, but a fairytale wouldn't be complete without a few twists and turns along the way.” (courtesy of MTI)


Storytellers - wonderful roles for performers with natural stage presence and big, clear voices. These characters are important for setting up the world and moving the story forward. 

Shrek - He may be a big, scary, green ogre to the rest of the world, but as the story reveals, he's really just a big fellow with a big heart. 

Fiona - She may appear to be an ideal princess straight from the fairy tale books, but there is more to her than that stereotypical image. She is an audacious young lady with a wonderful sense of humor and not many manners. 

Young Fiona and Teen Fiona - the younger versions of Fiona. 

Lord Farquaad - A very short man with gargantuan ambition! He is solely interested in gaining as much power as possible. 

Donkey - A brash, loud, fast-talking animal with no concept of "quiet time." He is Shrek’s loyal and ever-faithful sidekick. 

Dragon - A breakout role for a young girl with a lot of soul and spunk. She is a ferocious fire-breathing dragon but finds a surprising love in Donkey. 

Mama Ogre and Papa Ogre - Shrek’s parents. 

Little Ogre - a younger version of Shrek. 

The Fairy Tale Creatures - The Fairy Tale Creatures make up the heart of the show. These characters are taken from the story books but have a bit of a comedic twist. 

Pinocchio -  The wooden boy who cannot tell a lie without being belied by his growing nose. Pinocchio begins in a sour mood about his second-class status but ends the story as a natural leader among the Fairy Tale Creatures. 

The Three Little Pigs - Pig 1, Pig 2 And Pig 3. The classic three little pigs with a German twist. 

Ugly Duckling - He may be bitter about his unfortunate appearance, but he does find camaraderie among his fellow fairy tale outcasts.

The Three Bears - Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear.

Other Fairy Tale Creatures - Wicked Witch, Big Bad Wolf, Gingy, Peter Pan, Puss in Boots, Rooster, Pied Piper

Ensemble - Includes The Guards, The Bishop, The Duloc Performers, as well as: 

Knights - The Dragon's background singers who all tried at some point to save Fiona from her tower but were held hostage by the Dragon. 

Captain Of The Guard - has a big, booming voice and who isn't scared to put all the Fairy Tale Creatures in their place.
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Hillary Talken

Hillary Talken is a CYT KC alum and a music teacher in the Kansas City metro area! She recently graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee where she received a Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music. This degree included training in music theory, music history, composition, arranging and both classical and commercial performance. She has been teaching for the last five years both in Kansas City and Nashville. She has directed and music directed productions such as Into the Woods, Junie B. Jones and Legally Blonde Jr. Hillary is extremely passionate about theater and music education and believes that it has an incredible power to foster community. She is excited to keep building the community here at CYT Kansas City!


Bradley Gosnell

Bradley Gosnell is an actor, writer, educator and theater director based in Los Angeles. He has had the pleasure of working with CYT over the past several years on day camps, and on both high school and middle school productions. He graduated from TCU (because of course) with a BFA in theater, emphasis on acting. You may recognize Bradley from this headshot, seen here introducing himself as your waiter and informing you that the breadsticks will be right out.


Delaney Milbourn

“Delaney sure loves to perform.” “Did Delaney already leave the party?” “Delaney you have to write a REAL bio!”These are just some of the things you will find yourself saying after knowing Delaney for an unforeseeable amount of time. Her expertise lies not only in the world of theatre, but also in social anxieties, random nature survival facts, and Tolkien. Are you still reading? Yes? Oh. I thought I would have lost you by now. Wow this is awkward. Um. Do you like tape? What kind? I don’t actually want to know. But we should TOTALLY schedule another time to hang out.


6800 W. 153rd Street, Suite A, Overland Park, KS 66223