Session: Spring 2019
Chapter:  West
Location:  Journey Church of Lenexa
Time:  6:45pm - 9:00pm
Day:  Thursday
Starts:  03/07
Ages:  12-18
Tuition:  $195.00

** Registration ended March 17, 2019 at 11:55pm

Class Description

We all knew it was coming; the signs had been there all along. First it was salty, yearning to be as delicious as sweet, but alas, they remained salty. Why?! Then, sweet felt torn apart as some of their troops went over to the sour side; the citric acid force was strong among them. Not to be forgotten were the skirmishes that abounded while trying to secure the dominion of the effervescent beverage market. Some knew where their allegiance lay, secure in cool corn syrup infused carbonation. Others, felt the pressure of bottled water gaining new turf by incorporating essences of FLAVOR! Oh, those waters were a clever crew! This war would impact us all, if we weren’t careful, we might all be exiled on Forgotten Food Island, at the Bottom of the Backpack.

Want to find out what happened next?! Better yet, want to learn out to create your own after-school adventures? Come check out this class where you’ll learn foundational improv skills such as establishing characters, objectives, relationships and an environment to tell your audience a great story! Whether you’re new to improv or looking to grow your skills, there will be opportunity for you to practice developing scenes on the spot and learning how to make your partners look good by saying, “Yes, and...”


Minnie Beechner

Minnie is an ELA and Social Studies teacher at Aubry Bend Middle School by day and a Supermom and CYT Teacher by night! But wait...there's more! She not only teaches improv, but has been known to perform on the World Famous improv team, The Argon Ship, with CYT KC's own Artistic Director, Gina Milbourn and fellow teacher, Jeff Yarnell. Minnie and her four boys have been involved with CYT for over a decade. We are thrilled to have her teach with us again!

Class Location:

8865 Bourgade Ave, Lenexa, KS 66219