Don't Stop Believin'!

Christian Youth Theater - Kansas City has believed in and supported the youth of Kansas City and the arts in Kansas City for over 17 years! And we're not gonna stop believin' any time soon!

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Time After Time

Through theater arts, CYT Kansas City has had the opportunity to impact countless lives - both young and old in the Kansas City and surrounding area!

"CYT has been a place where my child feels safe, loved, respected, and listened to. CYT has shaped her love for the arts and helped her to grow as a child of God." - CYT Parent

"I will be more prepared for life because I've learned a lot of really valuable life skills, but also just learning to love people, to come alongside them no matter where they are." - CYT Student

"CYT has truly made a big impact on our family. As any parent would, we want our children to grow in character and in faith, and this is really what CYT has done." - CYT Parent

"It was at CYT that God taught me how to love and feel the love that He has for me and for others. Words cannot express how much CYT has changed me for the better, by serving as a looking-glass through which I see a reflection of something greater." - CYT Alum

Livin' on a Prayer

Since revenue from classes, productions, and camps only covers 70 percent of our operating costs, we rely on the generous donations of people like you to close that deficit and ensure that CYT KC can continue to offer quality and affordable programming.

With your partnership, we can continue changing the lives of children and families in the Kansas City area while constantly improving the experience for both participants and patrons.

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Your generous support will aid us in assuring that every child has the opportunity to learn and grow at CYT as it helps fund our general scholarship fund as well as our HEART Program that supports students with cognitive and developmental disabilities. Additionally, donations from this year’s gala will be used for the purchase of new microphone equipment, which will guarantee that every child not only grows in character, but also that their hard work can be heard on stage.

Our Mission Statement:
Christian Youth Theater develops character and creativity in kids of all ages through quality theater arts training that brings families and communities together while reflecting the Creator.

Our Values:
  • Treat each individual with respect and significance
  • Develop character traits including discipline, self-confidence, and integrity
  • Bring families together through the use of individual talents and abilities
  • Share the love of Christ in word and deed