Every HEART Matters to Us

At the center of every student is a space where our dreams, hopes and wishes reside: the heart. CYT Kansas City treasures diversity, and has always been about giving ALL students the opportunity to fill that space with something meaningful while sharing it with others.

Our HEART program (Helping to Encourage Awareness and Recognition in Theatre) is a full inclusion program that provides individuals with special needs the opportunity to participate in classes, shows and camps.

To see if your child qualifies for a new family scholarship, please contact heartcoordinator@cytkc.org.

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CYT KC's HEART Program

HEART has been a part of CYT Kansas City since 2000 and has served over 150 families.

Tuition is waived for HEART students registering for classes and summer camps for the first time. HEART students are also encouraged to audition for and participate in CYT's Broadway-style musicals. CYT is a supportive environment encouraging awareness and learning for all participants.
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"Our daughter, Rachel, has been welcomed and embraced by students and adults alike. She believes that she is a Broadway star in every class and show! We love that she can learn drama and stretch her boundaries, but in a safe environment."

Jawanda Mast, CYT HEART Parent