Bye Bye Birdie

Ages 14-18*
Typically this camp is overnight-style; however, due to the current guidelines and regulations, campers will not stay overnight this year.
Camp Dates: July 19-24 at MidAmerica Nazarene University
Performances: July 24-26 at MidAmerica Nazarene University
Auditions: Video submissions accepted May 28-June 4 at noon at
Callbacks: June 6th at the CYT Studios
*Campers may be 19 if they have just graduated high school in the spring of 2020.

A musical inspired by the phenomenon of Elvis Presley and his draft notice into the Army ,with a book by Michael Stewart, lyrics by Lee Adams and music by Charles Strouse. Bye Bye Birdie won the Tony for Best Musical in 1961. Set in 1958, Conrad Birdie has been drafted to the army. As a farewell, the rock and roll star is scheduled to sing Albert Peterson's "One Last Kiss" and kiss a girl from Sweet Apple, Ohio live on the Ed Sullivan Show. However, Conrad's hip-thrusting makes more than one man in town uncomfortable, many of whom attempt to stop the show from happening. Meanwhile, Rosie wonders if Alfred, for whom she does everything, will ever leave his mother's shadow. Many memorable songs from the show include “How Lovely to be a Woman,” “Telephone Hour,” “Put On a Happy Face,” “One Last Kiss,” and “A Lot of Livin’ to Do.”
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We will hold auditions for those who would like an opportunity for a role, solo, or featured dancer; however, you do NOT need to audition in order to participate in this camp. Students who choose not to audition will be placed in the ensemble. Auditions will be occur via video and submissions will be accepted from May 28 through June 4 at noon. Videos should be sent to Students who choose to audition will need to submit the following:
  1. A video containing a performance of a one-minute cut of an audition song of the student’s choice and a performance of one of the selected audition monologues. Audition monologues are available HERE. Please label this video H, name (last,first), song/monologue.
  2. A video containing a performance on the dance audition. The dance auditions will be learned at home via videos located below. Students will be asked to study the video for their respective camp and then tape themselves doing the routine. Please label this video H, name (last, first), dance.
  3. A completed audition form. The Bye Bye Birdie audition form is available HERE
Callbacks will be held on June 6th at the CYT Studios (6800 W. 153rd St. Suite A). Callbacks will be limited to groups of 10 or fewer. There will also be a list of health guidelines to follow during callbacks.

Dance Audition Videos

Use the video below on the left to learn the audition dance. Then, tape yourself performing it using the track in the video on the right (start at 1:55) and submit along with your song/monologue video and audition form!

Character Breakdown:

Albert Peterson - Male, age 30-40. The central character of the story, a poet and former aspiring English teacher who was lured into the music business after penning a hit for Conrad Birdie. Peterson is neurotic, weak and easily manipulated by his mother. Vocal part: Bass-Baritone.
Rose Alvarez - Female, age 30-40. Albert's secretary and long-suffering significant other, loathed by Albert's mother. Vocal part: Mezzo-Soprano.
Kim MacAfee - Female, age 15-17. A precocious teenage girl from Sweet Apple, outgoing president of the Conrad Birdie Fan Club who is on the cusp of giving up her fandom when she is chosen to receive his last kiss. Vocal part: Soprano.
Conrad Birdie - Female, age 20-25. A rock and roll superstar with an implied checkered past and an unpredictable personality who is drafted into the Armed Forces. Vocal part: Baritone.
Randolph MacAfee - Kim's younger brother, who idolizes his father. Vocal part: Baritone.
Harry MacAfee - Kim and Randolph's befuddled and bad-tempered father, a World War II veteran and strong conservative utterly dismayed at the Baby Boomer generation. Vocal part: Baritone.
Doris MacAfee - Kim and Randolph's mother. Vocal part: Mezzo-Soprano.
Mae Peterson - Albert's racist, manipulative and melodramatic widowed mother, who is remarkably effective at the art of the guilt trip. Non-singing.
Hugo Peabody - Kim's seemingly strait-laced new boyfriend. Non-singing.
Ursula Merkle - Kim's hyperactive best friend and next-door neighbor, a Conrad Birdie enthusiast. Vocal part: Mezzo-Soprano.
Gloria Rasputin - A tap dancer who hopes to be Albert's new secretary, whom Mae brings to Albert, hoping he will choose her over Rosie. Non-singing.
Helen, Alice, Deborah Sue, Nancy, Penelope, Suzie, Margie - Sweet Apple teenagers who are friends of Kim's, and Conrad Birdie enthusiasts; they perform solos in "Telephone Hour". Vocal part: Varied.
Harvey Johnson - A nerdy teenage boy who performs a few parts in "Telephone Hour.” Vocal part: Baritone.
Fred and Karl - Sweet Apple teenagers. Vocal parts: Tenor/Baritone/Bass.
Charles Maude - Owner of Maude's Roadside Retreat, second tenor in male quartet, and member of the adult ensemble. Vocal part: Tenor.
Mrs. Merkle - Ursula's mother. Vocal part: Mezzo-Soprano.
Mr. Johnson - Harvey's father.
The Mayor - The mayor of Sweet Apple. Non-singing.
The Mayor's Wife (Edna) - The repressed wife of the mayor; she comedically faints multiple times during Conrad Birdie's performance of "Honestly Sincere". Non-singing.
Dishwasher/Bar Patrons - Three members of the quartet, with Maude; they perform solos in "Baby, Talk to Me".
Ensemble - Reporters, Policemen, Teens, Adults. Lots of fun songs and dances!

Current Camps:

Camp: Age: Chapter: Location: Start: End:
Frozen Kids (August 3rd-7th) 8-13 South CYT Studios Aug 03 Aug 07
Frozen Kids (July 27th-31st) 8-13 South CYT Studios Jul 27 Jul 31
High School Overnight Camp - Bye Bye Birdie 14-18 Master Class Mid-America Nazarene University Jul 19 Jul 26
Lion King Kids (July 13th-17th) 8-13 South CYT Studios Jul 13 Jul 17
Lion King Kids (July 20th-24th) 8-13 South CYT Studios Jul 20 Jul 24
Middle School Overnight Camp - Xanadu JR 11-14 Master Class Mid-America Nazarene University Jul 27 Aug 01
XTREME - Star Wars: Legends of the Extended Universe 10-16 South CYT Studios Jun 29 Jul 03