2021 Summer Series

Don't miss our special summer shows! Each summer, we offer three master-level camps that learn, rehearse and perform a full play or musical! This summer is no exception and we are pleased to offer a diverse selection of shows. Stay tuned for more information on tickets to live and in person performances!

Our website ticketing is set up to accommodate socially distant seating. The grayed out seats on the seating chart indicate a buffer seat that will separate parties. When purchasing, please select your seats beginning next to an aisle or gray-colored buffer seat. This allows us to seat as many patrons as possible while still maintaining distanced seating. If you do not do this, your seats may be moved by our staff. Based on this socially distanced seating chart, large parties may need to split up into multiple smaller groups for seating; we apologize for the inconvenience.

***It is CYT's policy to not cancel shows for any reason. If guests choose not to attend a show they have tickets for, no refunds or exchanges will be provided.

"What we found (at CYT KC) was a world of families that would work in tandem with our family to help present a product with our children with the best all had to give, to the glory of God. Our kids found a great way to not only worship before and after shows with their cast members, but also a way to offer the many hours of work, talents and skills gained into a beautiful piece of craftsmanship offered to God and be an example to Kansas City of what Christ can do though our kids."

A CYT KC Parent

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