Streaming April 24th

The play is a comedy of manners, set in a single dining room where 18 scenes from different households overlap and intertwine. Presumably, each story is focused around a different family during different time periods who has in their possession the same dining room furniture set, manufactured in 1898. Some scenes are about the furniture itself and the emotional attachment to it. Overall, it tells the story of the dying and relatively short-lived culture of upper-middle class Americans, and the transition into a much more efficient society with less emphasis on tradition and more emphasis on progress. Some characters are made fun of, as is the culture itself, but there is also a genuine longing for the sense of stability, comfort and togetherness that the culture provides.

Dates / Times:

  • Saturday, Apr 24th @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, Apr 24th @ 7:00pm

Ticket Prices:


6800 West 153rd Street, Overland Park, KS 66223

Show Notes:

Artistic Team:
Director: Sarah Wright
Assistant Director: Will Wright

Audition Information:
Video Audition Submissions: Due Thursday, January 14th by 3pm
Callbacks: Saturday, January 16th, 10am - 2pm (specific times will be assigned)
Callback Location:
CYT Studios
6800 West 153rd Street
Overland Park, KS 66223

*This play can accomodate as few as 6 actors who double in roles, but can be expanded to more actors depending on audition numbers.

1st Actor - Father, Michael, Brewster, Grandfather, Stuart, Gordon, David, Harvey and Host
2nd Actor - Client, Howard, Psychiatrist, Ted, Paul, Ben, Chris, Jim, Dick and Guest
3rd Actor - Arthur, Boy, Architect, Billy, Nick, Fred, Tony, Standish, and Guest
1st Actress - Agent, Mother, Carolyn, Sandra, Dora, Margery, Beth, Kate, Claire, and Ruth
2nd Actress - Annie, Grace, Peggy, Nancy, Sarah, Harriet, Emily, Annie, and Guest
3rd Actress - Sally, Girl, Ellie, Aggie, Winkie, Old Lady, Helen, Meg, Bertha, and Guest